SureLock is our patent pending locking concept, allowing products to assemble quickly and without tools, saving retailers time and money. 



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Merchandising on the shop floor has a number of problems; durability and short lifespan, time consuming construction and aesthetically unappealing units which are inconsistent with store image.


Introducing SureLock, our unique locking concept can be applied to almost any product/display, allowing for improved store image at a reduced overall cost. 

How it Works

The double keyhole system provides a unique, secure locking method.

  • Cost effective & efficient transportation
  • Recyclable
  • Sustainability - durable design means long life compared to MDF or cardboard units
  • No installation means no additional cost or energy is used = Less carbon footprint
  • Recycling logo on all injection moulded parts to ensure easy recycling
  • YouTube installation animation means no paper required
  • Minimised waste e.g. horizontal slats have hollow centres to reduce material usage
  • 12 month manufacturing warranty
  • Stores can self-assemble
  • Consistent with concept store wood look
  • Slim & inexpensive to transport
  • Unique quick assembly
  • Small storage footprint
Low Number of Parts

SureDesign have a variety of methods for producing prototypes. To validate this concept we produced the design in timber with steel locking plates.

Endless colour options
  • Flatpack
    SureLock means no fixings and simple online assembly animation. Reduced space during transport and no expensive installation experts required.
  • No Tools
    Stores can assemble, allowing for a joinery style, without the cost.
  • Speed
    A Dump Bin using the SureLock concept can be built in a fraction of the time of that of similar displays.
  • Recyclable
    The durable design means a long life, especially when compared to existing Dump Bin's. When the product does reach the end of its life it can be recycled.
  • Self-Assembly
    Stores can self-assemble without the requirement of expensive installation teams using our YouTube assembly animations.
  • Manufacturing Warranty
    Products come with a 12 month manufacturing warranty for your peace of mind.
Size & Colour

Due to its unique design virtually any height and colour is possible.

SureLock is Patent Pending. All Sure Retail Equipment Limited designs are protected by copyright, unregistered design right and/or other IP rights. Sure Retail Equipment limited © 2018