Garden Centre

SUREDESIGN Garden Centre concepts, including a bespoke environment for indoor plants, which included atmospheric lighting and plant wall. Matching shelving was also designed for other areas of the store, as well as a bespoke honey product display with bee hive detailing.

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Retail Environment

Using design to improve in-store experiences and creating environments that customers want to explore using lighting and bespoke shelving. For this garden centre concept we incorporated a plant wall and ceiling. 

Plan and Size View

To help visualise store layouts and space, SUREDESIGN created a number of different views of the proposed area.

Honey Products Display


  • Take advantage of growing trend towards awareness and care of Garden Bee’s.
  • Eye catching display.
  • Utilises standard equipment to provide a unique display without the cost.


Bespoke Shevling


  • Contemporary finish to help display Home/Gift etc.
  • Can be used to segment space without requiring walls yet still gives open plan feel.