Bottesford, Central England Co-operative

SureDesign are proud to have worked with Central England Co-operative's latest store; Bottesford, Nottingham. CEC have been supporting Fairtrade since 1998 whilst being cruelty-free since 2004. The Bottesford site incorporates Eden Shelving and SurePlus equipment supporting UK-manufactured products, helping CEC to reduce their carbon footprint. SureDesign have developed new produce, bakery, beer, and wine sections, as well as brand new backlit LED displays for spirits.


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Bespoke Displays

  • This bespoke LED display was designed in-house in consultation with the Central England Co-operative.


  • Stylish and modern yet subtle, it has a clean finish and puts the merchandise front and centre, blending nicely with the rest of the store.


  • The modular mix of standard and bespoke equipment makes for a stylish, reliable, and cost-effective retail solution.
From Start to Finish
  • By working closely with CEC throughout the entire design and installation process, we were able to meet their needs actively, quickly and consistently from the very beginning.
  • CEC received the benefit of our in-house expertise in the latest retail equipment technology throughout the process.
  • By supplying both the equipment and installation, we were able to provide the most efficient service at an affordable price.