3D Printing

SureDesign now offer a 3D printing service based at our design office here in Crewe, Cheshire. Using the latest 3D Systems printing technology we are able to offer printed parts in VisiJet black, white or clear and also in a black, flexible elastomeric (rubber).

With a print area of 295 x 211 x 142 mm, fully moving parts can be printed in one print due to 3D System’s wax supports which melts away in post processing.

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3D Prints

Here are a few off the 3D prints we have produced here at Sure

Our 3D Printing Room

Come and visit our 3D printing facility here in Crewe, Cheshire.

Maximum Print Size

295 x 211 x 142 mm


RigidVisijet White, Black and Clear.

Rubber (Elastomeric) available in black only.

Full material options available here

Other Options?

Moving parts and other finishes can be achieved. Any questions please let us know.